Client Rewards

When we have sold your property or after you have bought one from us, we will present you with our “Premium Client Gift Card”
This is part of our appreciation of your business and you can use it in your next transaction with us.
The bearer of this card will be entitled to either of the following:
$750 off our standard commission rates upon the unconditional sale of your property while listed exclusively through First National Whangamata.
or a $750 cash advance when you unconditionally purchase a property through Whangamata First National.

We can not honour a card that is presented after we have done the business with you. Cards must be presented at the time of signing documentation: either when signing a listing authority, or signing a contract to purchase a property.
Conditions: The Whangamata First National “Premium Client” Gift Card. (This card can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered).
For this card to be valid you must present it at the time of purchase. That is: when signing a contract to purchase a property or when signing a listing form. Cards presented after an agreement has become unconditional or after commissions have been paid out cannot be used for the immediate transaction, the card must be presented at the time of signing the sale and purchase agreement or listing authority.
As a Property seller:
To redeem your “Premium Client” $750 reward you must have your property exclusively listed with Whangamata First National under a sole agency listing for a minimum of 90 days. The Sole/Exclusive Agency must be current at the time of sale. The $750 reward will be deducted from the total standard commission payable upon the sale, this will happen when the sale becomes unconditional.
As a Buyer: As a buyer/purchaser this card entitles the bearer to a $750 cash reward upon an unconditional purchase through Whangamata First National. This will be paid directly to the purchaser upon settlement of the contract providing the card was presented at the time of signing the offer.
Use this card as a gift: You may decide to give your “Premium Client” reward card to someone else. If you do this, then please sign the card and pass it on. Every card is numbered and we will be able to trace back where it has come from and its authenticity. Once again we thank you for your business.
Lost cards.  If you have lost your card and want to use it in conjunction with the conditions herein, then you must contact us prior to entering into any contractual arrangement so that we can issue you with a replacement card to use in the transaction.
Property Management: (other rewards not associated with this card)
When you refer someone to us who has a residential property to let (permanent rental) not only do we give them the first 30 days management absolutely free, but we will also give the referrer a cash bonus/credit of $100. This may be YOU!  You may have bought a property and want to rent it out. This bonus applies only to permanent residential letting agencies.