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Generating income for you from casual letting is one of our services at First National.
We have a dedicated Property Management Team.

Welcome to our Casual Letting Management Division

Our casual letting Property Management division has operated successfully for over 20 years.
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Casual letting does not come under the "Residential Tenancies Act" but is is governed by the "Consumer Guarantees Act" which means that you have to provide "reasonably" what the customer expects to get in their contract/transaction with you. Outlining this in a Rental Agreement with a tenant is one of the key aspects of what we do. It is no longer safe to have someone stay in your property without a proper detailed "letting agreement" in place for the term of occupancy no matter how short or long the period is going to be.

Our Service
Our agency agreement with you is an Exclusive Letting Agency Agreement, which can be terminated in writing by giving 60 days clear written notice.
We provide a comprehensive letting agency management service which can be tailored to suit your needs. Our service includes inspecting the property prior to every letting and after every letting and making an inspection report which is held on file. It also includes signing up a booking agreement with the potential tenant and collecting a booking bond and the rent prior to any letting, and then dispersing that income to you (less fees) at the end of the month.

We will also advise you of any maintenance issues that need attention, appliances or fixtures that require maintenance.

We account to you at tax time with all income and outgoings on your property.

What we do for you

Assess Rental. Our first job in many cases is to assess the nightly market rental value of your property. There are four main periods for casual rental they are:
Peak: Apx. 20th Dec to 13th Jan ( or end of 2nd week in January) 10 night minimum
Shoulder: End of 2nd week in January to Waitangi weekend 5 night minimum
Beach Hop: Event rate, usually last weekend in March (four night minimum)
Off peak: the rest of the year including Easter, Queens Birthday, and Labour weekend. (Two night minimum).

All of these periods have different rental rates, notwithstanding that the rental market frequently changes on a whim and we must be flexible with tariffs to ensure every opportunity to secure you a booking. We will discuss with you, what these rates are for your property and the degree of success that is likely for each period at the rates we suggest.

Make no mistake that casual letting is a fickle market and is governed by up-to-the minute supply and demand. The market can be flooded with properties overnight and within days have little to choose from.

Because of this, we regularly review market rents and make suggestions on increases or on "meeting the market" to induce occupancy. We will advertise your property to attract tenants through our website (and on BookaBach if you elect this) . We will also utilize other forms of marketing to attract prospective tenants, including direct mail to those who have let properties through us before and exist on our database.

Screening. We screen tenants as thoroughly as possible to ensure that no under-aged applicants are mistakenly accepted. The quality of the tenant is paramount and usually ensures a smooth rental.

Booking Agreement. We will (on your behalf) enter into a written booking agreement with the tenant, outlining all the conditions of the tenancy and any special requirement that needs to be adhered to. This includes the number of occupants allowed to stay at the property, collection of a $300 bond and all the rent payable prior to the booking date.

Our charges are:
On rent collected: 10% plus gst (with a minimum fee of $80 plus gst per booking - whichever is the greater)
On maintenance organised: 8% plus gst of the bill up to a maximum of $15 plus gst per occurance.


Pre-letting Inspection -  This is primarily to ascertain cleanliness. Everyone has their own standard of cleanliness - some tenants have high expectations in this regard. What we do is set a minimum standard of cleanliness that a property must meet prior to any letting. A property can not be too clean. If at the pre-inspection (often 24 hours prior to a letting) a property requires cleaning we will make every attempt to contact you, if you are not contactable we will have a cleaner visit the property to bring it up to standard so that we don't lose the booking. In extreme cases, a potential tenant may well be within their rights to cancel a booking on a substandard property. We wish to avoid this at all costs.

Post-letting inspection -  At this inspection we are expecting the property to be as the tenant found it, in the same state of cleanliness as when they went in. We are also looking for breakages or damage, rubbish left behind, doors are locked, that sort of thing, before we pay their bond back. (We wouldn't know if a glass or plate had been broken, small breakages have to be expected).

iPads -  Because inspections are so important we have invested in iPad technology. iPads have excellent photographic facilities and we are able to document everything step by step at every inspection, whether it be pre letting or post letting.
In many cases our inspections can not be challenged as we have photographic evidence stored specifically against your property file in our comprehensive property management software (we believe the best in NZ) and we aim to be experts at it. This of course leads to accurate recovery of bond money for anything damaged or broken during the tenancy, and irrefutable evidence if we are facing a small claims tribunal on your behalf.

Getting your property ready for casual Letting
It is so important to have your property ready for casual letting. We can help you to achieve this with our casual letting guide. This will explain to you what the customer expects, how to minimise any problems and maximise your income return.

Call us now for a free "Guide to Casual Letting" 0800 868 439. We can send you a guide on whats involved in renting out your property on a casual or permanent basis, outlining more of what has been stated here.


At the 2018 First National Awards our office was awarded " Top Property Management Department 100-200 Managements (Region 2)".

At the 2017 First National Awards our office was awarded "Top Property Management Office" for growth in managements and "Top Property Management Office" for our region. We are pretty chuffed with that!

At the 2017 First National Awards our office was awarded "Top Property Management Office" for the region (Waikato) and (for the third year in a row) 2nd place nationally among over 100 offices.

If you are a property owner,  please feel free to call our Holiday Letting Property Manager direct on 07 865 7990 (desk) or 021 686 579 (mobile).

For anything out of hours or urgent, phone Gordon Turner, (Business Owner/Principal) at 07 865 7990  or 0800 021 120.